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Have you or your loved one been seriously injured as a result of violent crime in Atlanta, Georgia? Often, victims of assault & battery, attempted murder, or rape, do not realize that they may be entitled to compensation.

Why You May Need an Atlanta Crime Victim Attorney

Depending on the circumstances, if the violent crime occurred on private property, business owners and/or property management companies may be liable for failing to ensure there was adequate safety and security measures in place which could have prevented the incident. Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to protect people against criminal activity on their premises if they knew or should have known there were safety and/or security issues at the property prior to the incident.

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If you were injured as a result of a violent crime, or if a loved one was killed, you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner or other third parties for your injuries and pain and suffering. The law firm of Finch McCranie has experience representing crime victims in these cases, with successful recoveries in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia.

Compensation for Negligent Security/Premises Liability

The owners and operators of businesses and properties must adopt appropriate safety measures to protect patrons, tenants and visitors. When they fail to take those precautions, innocent victims are unnecessarily exposed to crimes of violence, including assault and battery, rape and sexual assaults, and stabbings and shootings.

Atlanta Victims of Crime Law Firms Such as Finch McCranie Provide Aggressive Representation

The Atlanta crime victim attorneys at Finch McCranie have brought personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against a wide range of commercial entities and property owners:

  • Nightclubs and bars — Violent crimes frequently occur inside and directly outside of nightclubs and bars, resulting in serious injury to the victim of the attack or innocent bystanders. In some cases, there is a long history of criminal activity at certain establishments that is known to the owner. If the owner or operator knew of these past episodes of violent crime and failed to take appropriate action to ensure patrons were safe, they may be liable to the victim.
  • Liquor establishments — In Georgia, bars and restaurants may be held liable under what is known as the Dram Shop Act for injuries resulting from serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons. For example, if a bar or restaurant serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron, and knows that patron plans to operate a motor vehicle when they leave, the establishment may be held liable.
  • Apartments and housing complexes — Landlords have a duty to keep tenants and guests safe, via a secured entry, lighting and other security measures. If the landlord knows there is a history of violent crime in or around the property, and fails to provide adequate security, there may be grounds for a claim against the landlord.
  • Hotels and resorts — Under the law, these establishments have a duty to protect guests by monitoring and securing their premises. The failure to take appropriate measures to deter or prevent criminal activity may result in a claim against the owner and/or property management company.
  • Cyber Crime and Computer Hacking
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