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Car accidents are an everyday fact of life in a metropolitan area such as Atlanta, Georgia. Our car wreck personal injury lawyers regularly represent clients who have suffered serious injuries and wrongful death as a result of automobile accidents.

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Unfortunately, any significant collision often involves serious personal injuries to the occupants of the automobile. Georgia law, like every other jurisdiction in the United States, has certain uniform rules of the road which all drivers are required to obey. Everyday, however, drivers throughout the State of Georgia, whether because of negligence, carelessness, or otherwise, run stop signs or red lights, cross center-lines, speed, lose control of their vehicles, and follow other vehicles too closely, many times producing devastating results. When these accidents are serious, the innocent third-party victims of such negligence face a multitude of personal and economical hardships.

What to do After a Car Crash or Car Wreck

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident there are several things you should take to protect yourself and your legal claim.

  • First, get medical attention immediately for your injuries. It is important to remember that many times, injuries are not apparent right away and symptoms may not develop until hours or, in some cases, days after the collision.
  • Next, contact the police so they can prepare an accident report. The report the police create on the scene of the accident may be a valuable source of information about why and how the accident occurred, though it is important to remember that the police do not have final say on fault in a car accident claim.
  • Also, collect the contact information of the driver, if you can. Information like the person’s driver’s license number, insurance information, and contact information can help you ensure you or your lawyer can file a claim with the appropriate insurance company.
  • Then, collect the contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Their testimony can help you firmly establish your right to compensation. If you are able, take photos of the accident scene, the damaged vehicles, and your injuries using your cellphone or other camera.
  • Most importantly, contact our qualified auto accident attorneys. With over 50 years of experience, the car crash lawyers at Finch McCranie have fought for car accident victims and their families throughout the State of Georgia.
What Damages Are Recoverable in a Car Accident Injury?

Georgia law categorizes the types of damages available to individuals who have been injured in a car or tractor trailer accident. Every case is unique, but most car accident cases will include one or more of the following categories of damages:

  • Medical Expenses – This category consists of your bills and expenses arising out of treatment for injuries incurred in the wreck.
  • Lost Income / Lost Earning Capacity – Georgia law allows injured plaintiffs to recover their lost income and earning capacity not only for time they were previously out of work, but also for any future periods of time where it’s reasonably certain they will remain out of work due to injuries.
  • Property Damage – The most obvious and prevalent type of damages in car accident cases. You’ve been in a wreck and your vehicle has been damaged. In most cases you’re entitled not only to the cost of repairs, but also to the loss in value of your vehicle.
  • Physical Pain and Suffering – These damages serve to compensate you for the physical pain and suffering incurred as a result of the wreck, both past and future. Burns, paralysis, ongoing back pain, and migraines are just a few examples of injuries that support a claim for physical pain and suffering.
  • Emotional Pain and Suffering – This category of damages serves to compensate you for the emotional toll the consequences of a car wreck can take. It is particularly relevant in cases where there’s been death or disfigurement.
  • Loss of Consortium – This category of damages compensates the spouse or family members of the person who has been injured or killed.
The Key to Any Automobile Accident Case is Whether Liability of The Negligent Party Can be Established

Finch McCranie typically employs outside investigators such as retired FBI agents to investigate accidents as soon as they occur and while the facts are fresh so as to document the negligence of the at fault driver. Once such negligence is established through proper investigation, it is then necessary to document the nature and extent of the client’s damages. If a serious injury is involved, obviously, it is necessary that medical records be obtained so as to establish the nature and extent of such injuries. The more documentation by way of photographs, medical bills, and medical records, the more compelling the evidence, which oftentimes leads to a settlement of such claims, depending on the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage and the availability of other insurance coverage. If a settlement cannot be achieved, the same information is used in front of a jury in order to demonstrate that the innocent party victim is entitled to full compensation from the defendant by way of a substantial jury verdict.

Why Choose Finch McCranie As Your Car Wreck Attorney Atlanta

Finch McCranie, LLP has not only settled thousands of cases involving automobile accident victims over the 50 years of its existence, it has also presented to juries many such cases whether by way of a wrongful death actions or serious injury claims. We have tried cases throughout the southeast in both federal and state courts. The firm specifically operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, United States and has often achieved the highest verdict rendered in many such cases.

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