Sex Abuse in Child Care and Day Care Centers: Obtaining Justice for Victims of Sexual Molestation

Two years ago at our law firm, I received a phone call I could not believe–another episode of sexual abuse of a a young child, entrusted to the care of a prominent day care center.
The child’s mother said her lawyer did not know what to do to help her. She was told to call our law firm because we had successfully helped other families whose children had been molested in child care or after school programs.
What shocked me was that her child was molested (by an older child) in the very same “after school care” room of the same day care center that had allowed another client’s first grade child to be molested. Different staff, different manager, but same result. It was another in a series of case our lawyers have handled involving sexual assault and sexual abuse.
These are disturbing cases, but fortunately we had identified knowledgeable and experienced experts to advise our clients on what treatment their little ones need to begin to heal. A courageous young teacher told the truth about how the center regularly left him “over ratio,” with too many children to supervise. The center also had failed to warn its young staff that children in its facilities had been known to sexually abuse other children.
We built a strong case, and the center’s insurance carrier paid our clients too much to go to trial. I hate that it happened to yet another child, but am very happy for the family that their child will have the treatment needed.

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