Closing Arguments: Be An Ambassador

As we all know, trial lawyers are under assault by the business community. We are accused of being sleazy, money hungry ambulance chasers. I need not further discuss this nationwide propaganda campaign, but suffice it to say, our public image has been and continues to be at risk. Accordingly, it is imperative that as trial attorneys we conduct ourselves as ambassadors for justice when we appear in a courtroom.
The best way to get a favorable result in any case is to exude confidence and to practice the highest standards of professionalism. This is a fundamental rule of trial practice. The plaintiff’s lawyer cannot afford to be viewed with skepticism by the jury. The jury must trust the trial lawyer and his sincerity.
Accordingly, it is absolutely vital that counsel exude professionalism in everything he does. The manner of one’s dress, the extent of his preparation, the manner in which he conducts himself, his competence and his demeanor all reflect on our profession as well as the case before the jury. If we are to overcome the negative stereotypes being advanced by enemies of our civil justice system, during closing argument, it is recommended that counsel continue to practice the highest standards of professionalism in the manner in which he conducts himself. If the jury sees for itself the extent of counsel’s preparation, the extent of his confidence and the extent to which he embodies the quest for fairness and justice, this will not only enure to the benefit of the client, this will help our profession as a whole. In short, it is good business to be professional and if one is to be successful in a summation, professionalism must be exhibited in the presentation.

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