Parking Deck Collapse

Atlanta is the scene of another structural collapse. It has just been reported that a parking deck collapsed in the area of Spring and 5th Streets in the midtown area of Atlanta. At this time there are no reports of injuries or deaths, but the efforts of firefighters and rescue personnel to access the collapsed areas have just begun.
Our Atlanta, Georgia, lawyers have investigated and filed lawsuits in numerous construction and structural collapse cases. The most notable was the collapse during the building of Phillips Arena in Atlanta.
While we certainly hope that there are no injuries invoolved in this most recent collapse, there are many potential avenues by which a recovery for fatalities and serious injuries which can occur in such events.
There is potential liability against the designers and architects for improper or dangerous design. There may also be liability for the negligent installation or work of others. We have also successfully established liabilty for the furnishing or selling of defective components such as poorly mixed concrete or steel beams.
Injuries resulting from collapses or failure of equipment should always be explored and investigated thoroughly. The failure to do so can result in a deserving client or survivor settling for small benefits when a much larger recovery was probable

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