No Injuries or Deaths Reported Following Georgia Parking Deck Collapse

Miraculously, there have been no reported injuries or deaths following an accident in Atlanta, Georgia. Yesterday a portion of a concrete parking deck in downtown Atlanta collapsed near the intersection of Spring and 5th Streets, damaging or destroying 38 vehicles. The deck is a pre-fabricated, pre-cast concrete structure that was built eight years ago. The cause of the “pancake collapse,” where a section of the fourth floor fell onto the third, second and first floors, is still under investigation. Although the pre-cast concrete components of the structure were reportedly designed and manufactured by Greenville, S.C.-based Metromont Corp., Hardin Construction Company was the general contractor. Hardin Construction was also the general contractor in charge of building a bridge in Piedmont Park that collapsed earlier this year resulting in the on-the-job death of one worker.
Georgia residents may recall a somewhat similar accident a few years ago when the Phillips Arena was being constructed. Unfortunately two workers were crushed to death when some of the huge pre-fabricated, pre-cast concrete bleacher sections collapsed on top of one another after being welded into position. In a professional negligence case, the Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP represented the widow of an ironworker who was killed. By working with experts who had been involved in large construction projects such as the Georgia Dome and Turner Field, we uncovered the reasons for the collapse. In litigation against eleven participants in the Arena construction, we obtained a very favorable settlement for our client.
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