Lithium Battery Cells Endanger Children

Lithium battery cells are very small and sometimes look like a silver quarter. Unfortunately, these batteries are omnipresent and found in virtually every American household, whether it be in remote controls, watches, garage door openers or children’s books. Unfortunately, the tiny batteries that operate all of these devices can be extremely deadly to young children who may swallow them. While there are federal laws that require toys that use these batteries to have battery compartments that are locked with screws, unfortunately, the batteries can be found in a variety of devices used by adults where children can access them. If a child swallows a lithium battery cell and begins having symptoms of stomach disorders, etc., the diagnosis can be extremely difficult to make and before the diagnosis is made, fatalities can ensue from irreversible damage to the gastrointestinal tract.
Obviously, prevention is the best cure here. Parents should be on notice to protect their children from these small battery cells. Any device that has such a battery must have screws on it otherwise it is potentially dangerous to a child that get a hold of it. While more federal rules and regulations may be necessary for these products, particularly since they are so omnipresent and until such time as more rules are enacted, parents need to become aware of these hidden dangers in their homes.
Because these devices clearly can endanger children, product manufacturers must also take it upon themselves to make sure that their products are safe. By making the batteries difficult to remove without a screwdriver, manufacturers can render these very useful products all the more safe and protect young children who otherwise might manually manipulate a device as is normal for any child. If a battery can be removed due to manual manipulation alone, respectfully, the products may be unsafe due to the foreseeable dangers that can be caused to young children by them.

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