Georgia Cracking Down On Repeat DUI Offenders

Georgia injury lawyers have seen the devastation created by motorists who drink and drive. Many of the most serious automobile accidents and trucking accidents are caused by drunk motorists. A large number of the offenders are repeat or habitual offenders. Several years ago, our firm represented the mother of a young man in a Federal Tort Claims Act wrongful death case. The young man, who was walking home from work on the shoulder of the road, was struck and killed by an FBI agent driving a bureau car who left the scene of the accident. Our investigation would later show that the agent had just left a bar after a night of drinking. The police officer who showed up at his home later that evening recognized the agent because she had previously charged him with DUI on the same road earlier that year. A Twelve Step Recovery book was found on the seat in his car.
A new Georgia law is ratcheting up the penalties for such repeat offenders by making the crime a felony. In order for the charge to be a felony, a certain number of offenses within a certain time period will qualify a driver for the enhanced charge. In the case of DUI, four arrests and three convictions in one year will earn you a felony.

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