Tire Failures Cause Many Automobile and Truck Accidents

Tire failures have caused the death or serious injury of many motorists in Georgia and across the nation over the years. There are many causes of tire failure but the Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP know that one of the most common causes for tire failure is heat buildup. Heat buildup, especially in truck tires, usually results from under-inflation, overloading, high speed operation or a combination of these factors. A recent study by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrated that the top two types of damage for tire debris fragments found on the roadside were: road hazard (39%) and excessive heat (30%). Sometimes, tire failures occur because the tires being sold and used on a particular vehicle are not suitable for that vehicle or application.
Goodyear has faced numerous claims resulting from tire failures and vehicle accidents, many resulting in serious injury and death. As an example, Goodyear marketed their G159 tire to the RV industry for nearly a decade in the 1990’s and 2000’s, even though Goodyear knew it was dangerous to use that particular tire on those vehicles. The tire, originally designed for urban delivery trucks was speed rated for only 65 miles per hour, continuous use; however; in 1998 Goodyear increased the speed rating to 75 miles per hour, even though the tire design was prone to overheat on RV’s that typically travel at those speeds for extended periods. There are no doubt still plenty of Goodyear G159 tires in use on RV’s throughout the country which could fail causing catastrophic injuries. If you are a consumer and considering the purchase of replacement tires, it is crucial to make sure that the tires under consideration are matched to the vehicle or trailer that you intend to use them on.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an automobile accident or truck accident that has been caused by a tire failure, preserve the tire, rim and any and all other physical evidence and then call one of the Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP to learn about your rights.

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