The Centers For Disease Control Releases Wrongful Death Statistics

According to a recently released report authored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accident cases and wrongful deaths cost the State of Georgia approximately $1.5 billion in the calendar year 2005. Regrettably, this is the most recent data which as been collated and studied. Nationwide, car accident related deaths cost approximately $41 billion. Georgia ranked number 4 among 10 other states with the highest medical and work lost costs associated with preventable deaths caused by motor vehicle collisions.
Obviously, much can be done to reduce the costs associated with these tragedies. The CDC’s Injury Center has made numerous recommendations primarily based upon restraint systems, seat belt laws and universal motorcycle helmet requirements. The greater the safety emphasis, the less the costs involved according to the CDC which is why the CDC has decided to launch its first ever Decade of Action for Road Safety. This program is designed to heighten awareness and to implement safety regulations and procedures that will reduce the number of preventable deaths across this Country.
We see in our office everyday the tragic outcomes of wrongful death cases. Life is quite frail and can be taken at any moment at any time in a variety of circumstances. Clients that come to us typically have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a third party in a car wreck case where the offending motorist ran a stop sign, was speeding, crossed the center line, was driving drunk or otherwise. Life can be lost in car crash cases in different ways but typically the at fault driver has violated a Uniform Rule of the road and it is the violation of a safety law which resulted in the loss of innocent life.
We applaud the CDC for its study and can only hope that its Decade of Action for Road Safety will be implemented not only by the State of Georgia but all other states across this country.

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