Professional Service In A Personal Injury Case

For any innocent victim of a car accident where an at fault driver runs a stop sign, crosses the centerline or otherwise seriously injuries an innocent motorist, one of the essential ingredients of professional legal services for the victim is personal interaction between the victim and their attorney. In a serious case the innocent victim/client will need an attorney. Due to mass marketing, however, in many cases, clients may go to law firms where most of their interaction is not with attorneys but with lower level staff people.
In any serious case, it is important that a client interact with their attorney as their case develops. Personal interaction with an attorney on a one-on-one basis is imperative because the attorney needs to stay abreast of what is happening to the client, particularly with respect to their injuries and their medical situation. As a client is recovering from injuries the attorney needs to be kept abreast of what is happening in the client’s life, how the medical injuries are affecting their lost wage situation and how their injuries are overall affecting their life overall. Without out one-on-one interaction between the client and the attorney, the professional component of the attorney/client privilege is lost and is delegated to lower staff members who are not always able to appreciate the importance of some matters that could have far reaching legal consequences.
Every case is different. Some are more complex than others and some involve unique legal questions that can only be resolved by attorneys who are very experienced in the personal injury field. Clients should insist that they have the right to speak to their attorney concerning the status of their case. This is an essential ingredient of any professional relationship between an attorney and a client in a personal injury case.
For those clients who are innocent victims involved in serious automobile collisions, they should always make sure that they have a one-on-one relationship with an attorney they trust and respect. Absent such a relationship, the client may be deprived of the essential ingredient of the attorney/client relationship.

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