PEDS Wire Hunt to Continue

In February of 2006, John Lamb was killed when a bicycle he was riding became entangled with hazardous utility wires which draped across a city sidewalk. Mr. Lamb did not see the wires that were still attached to the utility pole until it was too late. Unfortunately, he was thrown from his bicycle, landed on his head, broke his neck and was killed.
This spring, PEDS, a pedestrian safety advocacy group located in Atlanta, will be conducting the Second Annual John Lamb Hazardous Wire Hunt. Citizens are encouraged to photograph hazardous wires on or near City sidewalks and then send the photographs to PEDS, which in turn will send them to the City of Atlanta and/or to the utility companies implicated by the pictures. Obviously, the purpose of this Wire Hunt not only is to honor the memory of John Lamb, who was killed through the negligence of the City and the utility companies who failed to maintain their wires in a safe condition, but also to prevent future accidents of a similar nature. Once PEDS sends the photos to the City and to the utility companies, it is anticipated that they will clean up their act (so to speak) and hopefully, one day, make the City “wireless.”
Finch McCranie, LLP was honored to have represented the Lamb family in connection with his tragic wrongful death. We are also pleased that PEDS is performing this important community service on behalf of each and every Atlanta citizen who enjoy using sidewalks for safe ingress and egress. The City has a legal duty to maintain its sidewalks safely. Leaving hazardous wires on sidewalks for periods of days, weeks, and sometimes months clearly is not a safe practice. It is our hope that the PEDS Hazardous Wire Hunt in memory of John Lamb will serve its intended purposes and help make this City’s sidewalks safe for pedestrian use. One preventable and unnecessary death is one death too many.
Thank you PEDS for all you do.

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