On-The-Job Accident Results In Death Of Georgia Worker

The Associated Press reported this week that 37 year old Jimmy Roubles of Augusta died in a construction accident when a trench caved in on him while he and a co-worker were installing pipes six feet underground. The article did not indicate whether this man was married or whether he had children. If he left dependants, they will be entitled to Georgia “death benefits” under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act; although the benefits are pitiful and limited.
If Mr. Roubles was married and she is the sole dependant, she is entitled to 2/3rds of the average weekly wage that her husband made, up to a maximum of $500.00 per week. She is only entitled to received those checks on a weekly basis for no more than 400 weeks, not to exceed a total of $150,000.00. If she re-marries or cohabitates with someone, the weekly benefits will be suspended. In addition, the employer/insurer will have to pay his funeral bill but only up to $7,500.00. If he left dependent minor children, they will be entitled to share in the weekly benefits; however, there are lots of rules that apply to that situation.

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