In Tribute To A Fine Man And Lawyer

Today I attended the funeral of Thomas E. Magill, a well respected insurance defense attorney in Atlanta. Tom was a absolute pleasure to work with as a defense attorney. Even though his clients were always large insurance companies, Tom dedicated himself to the administration of justice. He was always fair minded, hard working, competent and professional in every sense of the word. I told his wife at his funeral today that working with Tom made me proud to be a lawyer. There were many lawyers in attendance at his funeral who echoed similar sentiments.
The legal profession often is derided by the public for being greedy, insensitive, focused on money and things of that nature. When you reflect on the life of a man like Tom Magill, you see that some of the lawyer jokes and stereotypes are completely misplaced. Tom Magill is the type of man that makes us here at our firm proud to be lawyers. Tom was an active member of his church and community, he was a selfless worker for making sure that justice was served in the cases that he handled for his clients and he always did so with grace, competence and the highest sense of ethics and professionalism. He was a role model for all attorneys.
It is appropriate that we pay tribute to Tom Magill here in our blog. We can only hope and aspire to achieve the many things that Tom did throughout his life. He was truly a very wonderful man and stalwart member of the Georgia Bar. His grace and sense of humor, ever present optimism and kind nature will be missed. May he rest in peace.

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