How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

Many clients choose their personal injury attorneys by watching the television or looking at billboards. Unfortunately, this does not always result in a client choosing the right attorney for his or her case. The best way to choose an attorney for a personal injury case is to make sure that the attorney selected is competent, professional and experienced. It is also important that the client determine that the lawyer being chosen has the ability to present the case to a jury if the case cannot be resolved by settlement and compromise.
Personal injury lawyers who most successfully represent their clients are those who are capable of presenting a case to a jury in an effective and professional manner. These lawyers are called Trial Lawyers. Personal injury lawyers who are Trial Lawyers are those who are most likely to get the best settlement results for their client in lieu of a trial. This is because insurance companies know that if they do not offer these lawyers fair and reasonable settlement offers that the lawyer will then present the case to a jury and get even more money. This is why they have to pay the value of the claim rather than trying to settle it cheap with a lawyer who does not know how to present the case to a jury. Accordingly, any client in a personal injury case should make sure that their attorney is capable of presenting their claims to a jury in a professional and competent manner and that they have experience trying cases.
Trial Lawyers always do a better job than those who do not know how to present a case to a jury or who have little or no experience doing so. Accordingly, clients would be well advised to ask how many jury trial their attorney has participated in as lead counsel so that they are comfortable with the fact that their attorney is capable of effectively representing their interests. Again, while the vast majority of all cases do settle, settlement amounts are influenced by a lawyer’s ability to effectively advocate claims. The more experienced the Trial Lawyer, typically, the better the settlement results in a personal injury case.

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