High Court Upholds Vioxx Award in Wrongful Death Case

Every year Georgia citizens purchase and take millions of dollars worth of prescription medication, thinking that it is safe to do so. Georgia injury lawyers know that unfortunately, many of these medications are dangerous drugs, notwithstanding the fact that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has “approved” them. As we have seen, many of these dangerous drugs cause serious injuries and sometimes result in the wrongful death of the consumer. An example of such a drug is Vioxx. Fortunately, some victims and their families are getting justice. The Philadelphia Inquirer just reported that New Jersey’s highest court has upheld $4.5 million in Vioxx-related damages against drug maker Merck & Co. The lawsuit was filed by the widow of John McDarby who developed heart problems after taking the drug and ultimately died of a heart attack. The original $13.9 million award in the case was later reduced to $4.5 million. Read Article: Philadelphia Inquirer
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