Ford Recall:Cruise Controls Malfunction

Recently our firm posted a blog about a tragic accident in Georgia where an 11-year old girl lost her life due to an apparent malfunctioning cruise control switch on a Ford Econoline Van. Last week, we noted with great interest that shortly after this tragic event occurred, the Ford Motor Company recalled 4.5 million vehicles over “faulty cruise control switches.” According to the recall, the faulty cruise control switches being recalled could cause a fire in the vehicle which was the stated reason for the recall. Apparently, the cruise control switch is made by Texas Instruments, Inc. and can allegedly cause hydraulic fluid to overheat, smoke and then burn. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has advised Ford drivers to look for possible warning signs of fires including “malfunctioning cruise control systems.” In the tragic case we blogged about, it appears that a cruise control switch may have been malfunctioning prior to catching fire which may have resulted in the wrongful death of a child.
In addition to 1992 through 2003 Econoline Vans, the recall includes Explorers, Ranger Pickups, Winstar Mini-Vans, Mercury Mountaineers and Excursion Sport Utility Vehicles. Any person owning such a vehicle should check with the Ford Motor Company or NITSA’s Vehicle Safety Hot Line at 1-888-327-4236. The public may also visit for further information concerning the recall.

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