Contact Lens Solution Lawsuits Continue

In May of 2007, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. recalled one of its contact lens cleaning solutions, known as AMO Complete Moisture Plus. Our firm is currently representing 2 individuals injured by this product. According to the Centers for Disease Control, contact lens wearers were seventeen (17) times more likely to contract a serious eye infection known as acanthamoeba keratitis if they used this product as opposed to other Multi Purpose Cleansing solutions. Even though the product was recalled from the market in May of 2007, cases continue to come in involving this product. One of the reasons for this is because the company that recalled the product did a very poor job in doing so.
Even though the product was initially recalled in May of 2007, by August of 2007, the CDC noticed that cases were continuing to come in to them through eye centers throughout the Country. This, of course, indicated that the recall was being haphazardly handled by the Company. Indeed, the CDC conducted a survey which indicated that many members of the public did not know that the solution had been recalled nor did many members of the medical and ophthalmology community in general. Thus, the CDC mandated stricter compliance with recall regulations by Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.
Acanthamoeba keratitis is a very serious eye infection. It is believed that the acanthamoeba attached to contact lens and penetrated into the epithelium of the cornea because of the ingredient formulas distinct for this particular eye cleansing solution. Regrettably, the manufacturer did not advise the public at the time this product was marketed that the Multi Purpose Solution was ineffective at killing acanthamoeba, a known risk for contact lens wearers. The product was marketed on the basis of eye comfort verses efficacy. Regrettably, even though hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions are much more effective at killing acanthamoeba than are Multi Purpose Solutions, the lay public does not appreciate this distinction and therefore has been using disinfecting solutions like AMO Complete Moisture Plus without a full appreciation of the danger in doing so.
It is likely that cases of acanthamoeba keratitis will continue to occur as long as the public remains unaware of the danger of these Multi Purpose Solutions when it comes to disinfecting against acanthamoeba. Consumers should follow the motto “Buyer Beware” when purchasing so-called disinfecting solutions such as Multi Purpose “disinfecting” Solutions because in reality such solutions do not effectively kill acanthamoeba and, in the case of AMO Complete Moisture Plus, the solutions actually served as a sort of Petree dish for further growth and enhanced ability of the acanthamoeba to penetrate the corneal epithelium, using the contact lens surface as a vector to do so.
Since hydrogen peroxide solutions are superior in their disinfectant capabilities, we continue to hope that the public’s awareness and education of this will increase and that there will be a renewed emphasis on disinfecting efficacy verses “comfort to the eye marketing” when it comes to the sale of Multi Purpose Solutions.

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