Bicycle Accidents On The Rise

We read this past week an article in the paper about the increasing number of cyclists hit by automobiles under a variety of different circumstances typically involving gross negligence by the driver. In one reported case, the driver was on her cell phone and hit the cyclist from the rear while speeding. In another case, a drunk driver ran over a cyclist. In another reported case, a speeding motorist hit the cyclist on the shoulder of the road, killing him.
During the summer, of course, more and more cyclists are using the good weather as an excuse to get out and get some exercise. There is now a new law in Georgia requiring motorists to give 3 feet of right-of-way when passing cyclists. While this is a move in the right direction it will not prevent by itself the more tragic accidents like the ones recently reported in the newspaper.
Anyone who rides a bicycle has to understand they are at risk from being hit from behind by negligent drivers. People drink and drive and unfortunately people are using their cell phones, texting and otherwise engaging in a variety of negligent acts while driving. It is best to ride where it is safe to do so on designated bicycle paths. Obviously, if someone wants to operate a bicycle in an urban area, safety is the watch word. Helmets should be worn at all times.
The personal injury claims that our firm has handled involving cyclists typically involve very serious injuries. A collision between an automobile and a bicycle is not a fair fight and the cyclist, if he or she survives, is likely to have very serious injuries sometimes involving numerous broken bones and/or serious head and brain injuries. Because the stakes are so high whenever anyone rides a bicycle in an urban area, it is critical that the cyclist be as protective as possible for their on safety, particularly with so many dangerous drivers on the road.

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