Bassinet Warnings Renewed After Georgia Death

Last September a 2 month old child in Demorest, Georgia, died after being suffocated when she became trapped in a pocket of fabric not securely fastened to her bassinet. In January of this year, a 6 month old child in Fort Worth, Texas, died when a fabric flap on her basinett was undone and she became trapped between exposed bars in the bassinet.
Both children died after getting trapped in previously recalled bassinets manufactured by Simplicity. These deaths follow two prior deaths in 2008 under similar circumstances.
Last Thursday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission renewed warnings about the dangers associated with close-sleeper/bedside bassinets. The Simplicity 3 in 1 nad 4 in 1 convertible bassinets contain metal bars which are spaced farther apart than allowed by federal standards.
The bassinets were manufactured before May 18, 2008, and include some sold under the Graco brand.
If you have one of the bassinets or are aware of someone using one, please cease use immediately and return it to the seller.
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