Atlanta Motorcycle and Motor Scooter Dangers

Motorcycles and motor scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Atlanta due to congestion and their gas saving qualities. However, we are increasingly seeing terrible and tragic accidents involving motorcycles and motor scooters. Unfortunately, many of these incidents are caused by distracted drivers who simply do not see the motorcycles or motor scooters.
In today’s Atlanta newspaper there is an article concerning a 55-year-old Atlanta resident who was killed while riding a motor scooter. She had stopped on Peachtree Road to make a turn into her residence. A car following her struck the motor scooter from behind resulting in her death.
Just recently, a friend driving a motorcycle avoided serious injury when a car made a left turn in front of his motorcycle on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta. The car turned into his path so quickly that the motorcycle struck the vehicle. The rider was thrown over the car and landed on the road. Somehow, he avoided serious injury.
Recently our firm represented a young lady who was not so fortunate. While riding her motorcycle slowly down a local road, a vehicle pulled from the curb and struck her motorcycle. Tragically, her leg was traumatically amputated by the force of the collision.
These examples drive home the fact that motorcycle and motor scooter riders, while carefully and legally operating their vehicles, are subject to extreme dangers in the city. Hopefully, drivers of cars and trucks will become more aware of the fact that motorcycles and motor scooters are present on the roadways.

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