$9.45 Million Awarded in Prempro Dangerous Drug Case

Georgia injury lawyers are well aware that just because a prescription drug is an FDA approved drug is , does not mean that it is safe. There was a time when the American public believed that to be the case but we have come to the realization that money talks. Yes, “it is always all about the money” when it comes to business relationships and the drug business is BIG business. It is common knowledge that many former FDA employees end up being hired by big pharmaceutical companies after leaving the agency that supposedly regulates them. In addition, the industry spends an enormous amount of money on lobbyist to influence politicians.
This week a Philadelphia jury awarded $9.45 million to an Alabama woman who claimed that Pfizer’s Wyeth unit hormone-replacement drug, Prempro caused her to develop breast cancer. $6 million dollars of the award was for punitive damages. More than six million women took the drug until a 2002 study indicated that the drug was linked to cancer. Including this verdict, Pfizer has lost seven of the ten cases that have gone to jury trials.
Dangerous drugs are prevalent in our country. Everyday we learn about others, including Yaz, Yasmin, Avandia and many others. If you have been injured as a result of taking a dangerous drug, call the Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP for a free consultation

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