Whistleblower Attorneys at NELA Conference Address “Strategic Thinking in Whistleblower Cases”

This past week, more than 450 of the country’s best employment lawyers who represent individuals gathered in Atlanta for the National Employment Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference.

I had the pleasure of appearing with a group of excellent attorneys on a panel of that discussed “Strategic Thinking in Whistleblower Cases,” moderated by Robin Potter of Chicago (who won a major victory last week).Speakers at the 2008 NELA Conference panel on “Strategic Thinking in Whistleblower Cases” were (front row) David Marshall and Bryan J. Schwartz, and (back row) Michael A. Sullivan and Mark Kleiman.

David Marshall
of D.C.’s Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP began by discussing how nesessary whistleblowers are, as well as important considerations in pursuing Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower cases.

Bryan J. Schwartz of Nichols Kaster & Anderson’s office in San Francisco then spoke on strategies in representing federal employees as whistleblowers.

Next, Michael A. Sullivan (this whistleblower lawyer blog author) of Finch McCranie, LLP discussed briefly the trend of new State False Claims Acts, and then explained in greater detail the new IRS Whistleblower Rewards Program.

Mark A. Kleiman of Santa Monica closed by regaling the audience with lessons he has learned from False Claims Act litigation, in particular from the recent case against Merck that resulted in a huge settlement.

I enjoyed this terrific opportunity to work with and hear from these accomplished lawyers, and thank NELA (especially Terri Chaw and the NELA staff) and my friends at NELA-Georgia for organizing this outstanding conference. I applaud the work not only of my co-panelists at the NELA Conference, but also of the many NELA members who strive tirelessly to obtain justice for their clients.

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