Whistleblower Lawyer Update: Medical Equipment Fraud, Fraudulent Billing by Doctor, and Home Health Care Fraud Highlight Week of Indictments in Health Care Compliance Cases

This past week produced examples of why whistleblowers and their attorneys must continue to insist that false claims and health care fraud not be tolerated. The indictments of Texas medical equipment suppliers–who are alleged to have overbilled Medicare and Medicaid for expensive scooters and chairs while providing cheaper ones –show how prevalent false claims are.

The indictment of a physician in West Virginia for allegedly falsifying the time spent in patient visits shows another common type of health care fraud and false claims.

A Virginia home health care provider’s indictment for allegedly using unqualified nurses and nurses aides is yet another example of health care fraud that whistleblowers can help stop.

You can read the new articles at the links above–we attorneys who write this whistleblowerlawyerlog want to keep public awareness of health care fraud and other fraud against taxpayers front and center.

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