Whistleblower Lawyer Update: Medicaid Fraud Investigation Into Fraudulent Pharmacy Billings Produces Recovery in Missouri

Medicaid Fraud Recovery Announced by Missouri Attorney General
False and fraudulent billings were uncovered in a Missouri Medicaid fraud investigation that has produced a recovery by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Billings like this typically violate the False Claims Act or the various state False Claims Acts.

Prescriptions that had not been authorized by physicians were submitted and paid for by the Medicaid program. Once the suspicious activity was reported, the Attorney General’s Office’s investigation followed and produced a recovery of $462,926 from apparently a single pharmacy in DeKalb County, Missouri, the Randolph Drug Store in Maysville.

The Attorney General’s press release does not make clear whether a whistleblower other than the owner of the pharmacy was involved in reporting this health care fraud. We commend the Missouri Attorney General and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit on their successful effort to stop fraud against taxpayers.

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