TRICARE Medical Fraud Report–Whistleblower Attorneys Take Note that Health Care Fraud Continues to Plague Government

Fraud affecting health care is a frequent topic of our whistleblower lawyer blog. A new report on TRICARE, the U.S. Military’s health care system, shows that medical fraud continues, as honest whistleblowers and their lawyers continue the fight against government fraud.

More than 200 “qui tam” whistleblower cases were mentioned in the annual report of the Program Integrity Office of TRICARE, and more than 200 whistleblower cases have been brought each year since 2002.

The Report outlines numerous types of health care fraud, including double billing, upcoding, kickbacks, illegal drug marketing practices, and quality of care violations. The Report notes that TRICARE obtained judgments for $36.7 million for 2006, including a settlement with Tenet Healthcare Corporation for more than $20 million.

The Report encourages service members and their families to pay attention to their EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) as a first line of defense against fraud.

It is galling to us that fraud steals millions of the dollars that our veterans and service men and women need and deserve for their own health care. We applaud the efforts of whistleblowers to report this fraud and recoup these funds, so that they can go to the persons who have served our country.

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