Appreciating Harry Markopolis, the Madoff “Whistleblower” to the SEC

I had the pleasure of seeing again and speaking last week with Harry Markopolis, the “whistleblower” now renowned for his excellent work in recognizing and reporting to the SEC that Bernie Madoff was running a huge Ponzi scheme. Harry was in Washington attending the “IRS Whistleblower Boot Camp” sponsored by Taxpayers Against Fraud.

Harry Markopolis exemplifies the whistleblower who works diligently to “do the right thing.” His appearance on 60 Minutes gave us a taste of his frustration over the years in attempting to cause the SEC to take action about Madoff.

We commend Harry for wearing the “white hat” so well–and we take our hats off to him. Let’s hope the SEC creates a meaningful whistleblower program and listens to Harry about how it should operate.

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