New IRS Whistleblower Rewards Program Explained at National Conference with Its Director, Stephen Whitlock

Tomorrow in Washington, this whistleblowerlawyerblog author is looking forward to participating in a panel discussion with the Director of the new IRS Whistleblower Office, Stephen Whitlock, to explain how the new IRS Whistleblower Rewards Program works.

We will speak at the Taxpayers Against Fraud Annual Conference in Washington at 6 p.m. on September 9. Leading the panel discussion will be Paul Scott. I am also looking forward to the presentations by Erika Kelton and Professor Dennis Ventry of American University’s Washington College of Law.

I have enjoyed speaking with Director Stephen Whitlock before about the progress of this exciting new program that rewards whistleblowers for bringing forth information about tax fraud, tax evasion, and underpayments of taxes. Our firm has been continually impressed by the professionalism of the IRS agents we have worked with in representing clients who have presented whistleblower claims to the IRS.

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