IRS Tax Whistleblowers & False Claims Act Qui Tam Cases–2007 Year in Review by Whistleblower Lawyer Blog

2007 has been a most significant year for whistleblowers. The whistleblower lawyer blog attorneys look back on some of the milestones:

1. As soon as Congress authorized the first meaningful IRS Whistleblower Rewards Program to pay tax whistleblowers 15-30% of IRS recoveries from those who violate the tax laws by statue effective on December 20, 2006, beginning in January our whistleblower lawyers submitted some of the first IRS Whistleblower claims in the nation under the new law. Our IRS Whistleblower cases have continued to grow throughout the year.

2. Our IRS whistleblower submissions have led to criminal and civil investigations over tax cheating, and our whistleblower clients are in a position to receive 15-30% of the amount of collected proceeds (including penalties, interest, additions to tax, and additional amounts) recovered by the IRS.

3. This Spring, legislative officials requested that one of our whistleblower lawyer blog co-authors help draft a state False Claims Act for Georgia, and then invited him as the only private attorney to testify at the legislative hearings to explain the federal False Claims Act, and how the new state False Claims Act will operate. The new Georgia State False Medicaid Claims Act was signed into law on May 24, 2007, and early results show that it already has been effective in uncovering and stopping Medicaid fraud.Participating in the signing ceremony with Governor Sonny Perdue were (shown above from left to right) Carrie Downing, Director of Legislative and External Affairs of the Georgia Department of Community Health; Dr. Rhonda Medows, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Health; Inspector General Doug Colburn; Governor Perdue; Rep. Edward Lindsey, sponsor of the State False Medicaid Claims Act; whistleblower lawyer blog author Michael A. Sullivan of Finch McCranie, LLP; and Philip Consuegra, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Lindsey.

4. As the new IRS Whistleblower Program took shape during 2007, our whistleblower lawyer blog followed each development to educate the public and other attorneys about the new IRS Whistleblower Rewards.

5. At a national conference sponsored by Taxpayers Against Fraud in September, whistleblower lawyer blog author Michael A. Sullivan joined IRS Whistleblower Office Director Stephen Whitlock, Professor Dennis Ventry, and fellow IRS whistleblower attorneys Paul Scott and Erika Kelton for a panel discussion to explain how the new IRS Whistleblower Program will operate.

6. To educate other professionals about developments with the False Claims Act and the wave of new state False Claims Acts, whistleblower lawyer blog attorneys published articles in journals that included Compliance Today, a publication of the Health Care Compliance Association. Our whistleblower lawyer blog attorneys also chaired the Whistleblower Law Symposium, and were invited to lead panel discussions and give presentations at the Southeastern Health Care Fraud Conference and various other conferences.

7. Of course, like other whistleblower law attorneys, our firm has continued to represent whistleblowers to recover damages for fraud in health care programs inclluding Medicare and Medicaid, Hurricane Katrina federal disaster relief, government procurement, and other matters affecting federal and state tax dollars.

We are continually inspired by our clients for their commitment to honesty and integrity in the use of government funds. We look forward to another successful year keeping you informed with this whistleblower lawyer blog!

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