Illegal Tax Shelter Case Trial Postponed As Judge Disqualifies Counsel in KPMG Case

Our whistleblower lawyer blog attorneys have written about how abusive and fraudulent tax shelters promoted by accounting firms are priorities on the list of conduct that the IRS (and IRS tax whistleblowers) seek to stop. We have followed the KPMG tax shelter prosecution, which was set for opening statements to begin on October 23.

Just before the trial, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan responded to a late motion by the government pointing out potential conflicts of interest by counsel for former KPMG partner John Larson, by disqualifying his attorney. A new trial date will be set in November, once new counsel is obtained.

The 2005 KPMG indictment concerning alleged abusive and illegal tax shelters has been clear evidence that the government is prepared to hold accountable the accountants, financial advisers, lawyers and bankers who participate in illegal tax schemes.

The case is pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, UNITED STATES v. JEFFREY STEIN, et al., S1 05 Crim. 0888 (LAK).

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