Whistleblower Lawyer Article on Medicaid Fraud Is Published by Georgia Bar Journal

The just released October 2007 edition of the Georgia Bar Journal, the primary bar magazine for lawyers practicing in Georgia, includes a key Whistleblower article written by one of the co-authors of this blog, Michael A. Sullivan. The article is entitled A “False Claims Act” is Finally Enacted in Georgia: What Georgia Lawyers Should Know About The State False Medicaid Claims Act. Obviously, Finch McCranie, LLP is proud that one of its partners had this article published by the State Bar’s leading journal and is particularly pleased that the Bar Journal decided to disseminate information to all lawyers in Georgia about the enactment of the new False Medicaid Claims Act.

It is noteworthy that the State Bar recognizes that the enactment of this new law is an important event in Georgia. The federal False Claims Act over the last six years has brought in over $12 billion in recoveries for the federal government. With Medicaid fraud becoming an ever-growing problem in Georgia, and nationally, obviously, the Georgia Legislature intended that this new law should duplicate some of the success of the False Claims Act in generating recoveries for the State when Medicaid fraud has occurred. By offering financial rewards to induce Whistleblowers with knowledge of Medicaid fraud to come forward, we believe this new law will undoubtedly produce significant financial recoveries for the State.

As former federal prosecutors, it is always a pleasure representing individuals who are willing to help root out fraud against their government. Georgia’s False Medicaid Claims Act is an important tool in combating Medicaid fraud. It is particularly gratifying to us that the Georgia Bar Journal has decided to educate its members about this new law through our partner’s article.

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