Dangerous Products Can Cause Serious Injuries or Death

The Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP have represented many victims of dangerous products. The type and nature of these dangerous products runs the gambit. Products liability in Georgia has arisen primarily as a negligence concept and even today remains the most viable theory of products liability in terms of jury comprehension. It was announced this week that a federal judge in Atlanta is permitting dozens of product liability suits against Home Depot and the makers of a tile grout cleaner to proceed to trial on negligence claims; however, he has dismissed other claims that sought damages for violating federal consumer product safety laws. The product at issue, Stand ‘N Seal Spray-On Grout Cleaner, was produced exclusively for Home Depot according to court filings in the case. It is alleged in the case before the Court that the manufacturer of the grout sealer had been on notice, for more than a month before the victim purchased the product, about the potentially devastating health problems associated with its use. It was also alleged that the manufacturer delayed notification to the Product Safety Commission of the growing health complaints associated with the product’s use and that they withheld critical information that delayed a mandatory recall of the product. According to documents filed in the case, at least 2 people died and dozens were hospitalized after breathing vapors from the aerosol chemical spray product.
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