Clayton County Georgia Police Chase Leads To Wrongful Death of Two Innocent Victims

The Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP have several wrongful death lawsuits pending against various police departments throughout the state. They all involve police chases.They all involve police officers violating their own department policy with respect to police chases. They all involve the wrongful death of innocent victims and several involve the Clayton County Police. Will they ever get the message? Yesterday, Clayton County Police officers saw two men in a pickup truck appear to solicit a known prostitute. When they attempted to detain them, the men took off and the police took off in hot pursuit putting innocent citizens at risk of serious injury or death. During the course of the police chase which began in Clayton County and ended in Fulton County, two innocent women were killed when the fleeing suspects slammed head-on into the women’s car. Is it worth imposing the death sentence on innocent citizens to catch two men who have allegedly propositioned a prostitute? I am sure that the families of the two innocent victims don’t think so and most rational people don’t either. Maybe when the counties employing these officers get hit with large enough verdicts, they will either change their chase/pursuit policies or enforce the ones on the books.
If you have lost loved ones as a result of police officers negligently chasing fleeing suspects over minor offenses such as soliciting a prostitute, traffic offenses or misdemeanor criminal offenses, call the Atlanta Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP. We have been representing the families of innocent police chase victims in wrongful death lawsuits for years and have substantial experience handling such cases. For a free consultation call us at 800 228-9159.

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